Why Is Microchipping Important?

Since 6th April 2016 Microchipping dogs has become a legal requirement in England, Scotland and Wales which carries up to a £500 fine for owners and breeders, should they fail to comply. One of the greatest benefits of microchipping is its permanency as a collar and tag can fall off or be removed. Microchipping is a convenient, risk-free way of keeping your pet safe.

Microchipping your cat is equally important. it is a safe method of identification and increases the chances of your pet being safely returned should they stray too far. In addition

Rabbit microchipping is becoming increasingly popular to help reunite lost bunnies with their owners.

Chip & Trace

With the ever so increasing tack room thefts, workshop/garages and work van break in's, its becoming more and more important to protect our assets, what we offer is that added bit of protection in the way of identification, in a place only the owner and ourselves will know a small microchip will be placed safely and securly inside which will hold a 10 digit unique identification code with is stored on our data base, should these items be stolen they will flag up and can be quick identified helping to reunite it back to the rightful owner.


Pet Microchip

A small chip that is the size of a grain of rice, this chip will contain your important contact details and your pet's details for reunification.

Chip & Trace

This can be placed inside an item of your choice to help it be reunified with you if it is stolen. 

Also acts as proof of ownership.


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