What We Do

Whether you are a breeder or a pet owner who has been caught off guard, having peace of mind knowing that tiny pitter patter of little paws, hooves or claws are on the way can prove to be very useful. The procedure is pain less so there is no risk to the expectant mother and her fur babies. There is no shaving required. Scanning can be performed from 28 days post mating/insemination, however for optimal results, it is best to scan around 30-35 days post mating/insemination. 

This is a mobile service, so we can perform the scan within the comfort of your pet's home, minimising stress and discomfort.


Pregnancy Confirmation

Scans from 28 days post coverage.

As a rule we don't promise a pregnancy count only conformation. This saves any upset or disappointment

We also send you an image/video as a keep sake should they be clear enough.

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